Everything (about John Legend) is awesome


Y’all. We need to talk about John Legend (and Common) SLAYED at the Oscars. I have been waiting for this performance for a month. After watching Selma I knew that this performance would be everything- Glory is such a powerful song.

I would recommend that you see Selma if you haven’t. David Oyelowo became Dr. King. The last line of the movie when he says “Thine eyes have seen the GLORY!” WHEW- I thought I was listening to an actual Dr. King speech. Obviously, you should keep in mind that this is historical fiction- if you go to see Selma and expect a history lesson, you are going to be very disappointed. Heck, if you’re expecting a Dr. King speech, you can’t even get that. Spielberg owns the rights to Dr. King’s speeches and is yet to make a MLK movie (I personally think that Spielberg would slay such a movie. I’m not mad at him, at the end of the day King’s kids sold their dad’s legacy to the highest bidder so…)

I think movies like Selma, that are based on actual events are so important especially in a time where students aren’t getting the education they deserve (especially in U.S. History). You should watch movies like this, then go home and read about the people that were depicted in the movie, see how these events were covered in the news at the time and see how our history books recall these events. We are lucky that these events happens not so long ago that we have videos of the events and people that are still alive to tell their stories.

Also at the Oscars
I slacked last year and didn’t see many of the movies that were nominated at the Oscars this year, so I won’t comment on the awards. I thought Neil Patrick Harris was an alright host.

Lady Gaga SLAYED the songs from the Sound of Music. I think that if most artists strip away all the gimmicks and drama, people would appreciate them more. Stephanie is classically trained, and it showed in the performance. And Queen Julie Andrews is EVERYTHING. It’s so sad that she no longer has her singing voice.

The Sony hacks revealed that, SURPRISE, even among in the glitz and glamour of Hollywood, women still get paid less than women. Former chairwoman of Sony pictures acknowledge that while the wage gap is real, people should know their worth (which I think is 1000% true).

The Oscars can be a great time for winners to highlight a cause that is close to their heart. This year, John Legend and Common highlighted the need for prison reform in America. Julianne Moore highlighted Alzheimer’s. Graham Moore highlighted depression and suicide. Patricia Arquette highlighted the gender income inequality issue- which she kind of muddled up backstage.

On my list of Oscar movies to see: Imitation Game, American Sniper, Birdman, The Theory of Everything, Into the Woods and The Lego Movie (Everything is Awesome is a great song, no?).

Farewell awards season, see you next year!


What’s on your ballot?


Election season is definately one of my favorite times of the year. Everything just comes together- after all voting is what makes a democracy special… It feels like you are actually having an impact in the world, all that jazz.

It hurts my heart that more people don’t vote in America. The only things the founding fathers wanted you to do is pay taxes, occasionally do jury duty and freakin’ vote. The American voter turn out rate fluctuates between 40-60% (depending on whether its a midterm or presidential election). Look at the turnout for Scotland’s vote for independence. People were shocked that folks actually voted (for this vote kids 16+ could vote. And even though the referendum didn’t pass, I think this vote was good for the practice of democracy).

In some cases, it could take major ballot initiatives to get people to vote. Americans don’t vote in midterm elections, but when you add propositions that involve the legalization of marijuana or same-sex marriage, people actually come out.

This year I voted early cause my Tuesday’s are usually crazy. The last time I voted was in the 2012 presidential elections, but I voted in Pennsylvania, since that was where I was going to school at the time and “I wanted my vote to count.” I knew nothing about PA politics so the ballot was Greek to me.

This year, since I’m back home I had to do my homework. Before, I went to the polls, I looked up a sample ballot for my area before I voted (here’s the pdf).

sample ballot-page-001

I was a little embarrassed that I had not realized all the positions, both locally and statewide that were up this term. John Coryn, one of my senators, is up for reelection. I had no idea. Haven’t seen a single lawn sign, TV ad, radio commercial, nothing. He has a democratic opponent (couldn’t name him to save my life) but Cornyn is going to keep his seat without breaking a sweat. I’m upset that this isn’t a competitive race. All races should be competitive. That way politicians (on both sides) won’t get comfortable doing nothing in the Capitol. Eric Cantor learned the hard way that you should never ever ever get too comfortable.

So back to my ballot. The little small Texas town of Denton had definitely been poppin these past few months. There are two major ballot innitiativrs that are being voted on.

1. Fracking

There is a proposition to fan hydraulic fracturing withing city limits. In Texas, mineral owners have greater rights than land owners. One of my professors said that no matter what happens, the Texas legislature is going to make it so the oil companies are going to continue to drill no matter the outcome of the vote. But if there was regulation at the state level in regards to drilling in residential neighborhoods, then we wouldn’t be in this mess would we? Look at all the money being spent in lil’ old Denton. And we are making it on the national news (Huffington Post, Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Marketplace).

2. Drinks

There is also a proposition to sell hard liquor within city limits. Proponents argue that Denton is losing revenue to neighboring cities that have liquor store and businesses within the city have to operate as private clubs in order to serve hard liquor, which is expensive. Is the argument that alcohol contributes to the degradation of society still valid? This is too much, pour me a drink….

There are also some bond packages, for roads and parks and such, bonds almost always pass and a lot of the local roads suck, so I’m all for that.

Anyway, I guess next week we’ll be focusing on 2016. The Dems are ready for Hilary (but the should probably have a few back ups just in case that doesn’t happen) and the GOP needs to find a new sweetheart that can appeal to the traditional conservatives and the tea partiers. I cannot wait.

Anyway. Go vote. Stay informed. ‘merica


Shout out to the 14th Amendment


All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to jurisdiction thereof, are citizens on the United States and of the State wherein they reside.”

My favorite amendment is the 14th (is that weird?)

For me, the 14th amendment is everything the American Dream is all about. It doesn’t take a lot to be an American- all you have to do is be born here or be naturalized, and you are considered “one of us.” There are few places in the world where it is this easy.

While I was looking for my pocket constitution, I came across The Citizen’s Almanac, which is literature they give you when you become a citizen. The beginning has a message from the director of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services.

Naturalized citizens are in important part of our great democracy, bringing a wealth of talent, ability and character to this Nation…Upon taking [the] Oath of Allegiance, you claimed for yourself the God-given unalienable rights that the Declaration of Independence sets forth as a natural right to all people. You also made a commitment to this country and and were therefore awarded its highest privilege- U.S. citizenship; but with great responsibility accompanies this privilege. You have now certain rights that you must exercise in order to maintain our system on government. By becoming and active and participatory citizen, your further strengthen the foundation of our Nation.” 

Every 4th, it seems like pessimists have something negative to say about the ideals of this country and what it has/is becoming. But to those folks, I literally cannot hear you over my freedom. Enjoy your food, the beautiful summer time, the day off from work and the fireworks.

This holiday weekend, they showed the swearing-in ceremony of 25 new citizens at the White House. I am very jealous that I became a citizen on a boring weekday in September. How awesome would it be to tell your grand kids the story of your naturalization at a great American landmark on the 4th of July. There have been naturalization ceremonies at the Alamo, at Turner Field (the home of the Atlanta Braves, not really historic, but definitely cool), or at Monticello, T-Jeff’s crib. Look at the list of places where they had ceremonies this year. And shout out to USCIS for the official hashtag #newUScitizen. We love your use of social media.


The Binge Life


I am the queen of binge-reading. After watching the first Hunger Games movie out of boredom one day, I borrowed by little brother’s copy of the books and was done in two days. That might be due to the fact that its written for kids. But I’ve always treated books this way.

Netflix and other venues of watching an entire season of television in one day. And from there has come the phenomenon of binge-watching. I have become a victim to this terrible disease. I have my favorite shows that I watch every week during the regular TV season. But there are some shows that  are before my time (The Wire, The Sopranos) and there are some shows that I didn’t hop on the fad train with everyone else. So when the season or series is over, I can take my time (or not) and get through the entire show and laugh and gasp and cry from the comfort of my own bed. And when the show is finished, life has no purpose…

I had originally planned on writing this post about the second season of Orange is the New Black. I started watching the first season last year, but I couldn’t finish it (and I didn’t think its’s that funny), so the post didn’t feel right. Then this week I stated The Game of Thrones, and it was a wrap (I plan on binge-reading the books at a later date).

But there is something about binge-watching that leaves me anxious. I feel like I NEED to finish watching a show that I have just started. There is something satisfying about knowing that I do not have to wait a week for the next episode. I mean, Netflix sets up the next episode for you as the credits are rolling on the episode you just watched. Thanks guys.

Binge-watching definitely isn’t healthy. Staying up all day and all night to finish a season of a show is exhausting. But when you have finished one season, it feels like a weight has been lifted off of your shoulders. Binge-watching satisfies my need for instant gratification- everything I want is all in one place and I can consume it all at once without anything- commercials, mid-season breaks, etc. getting in the way of what I want. But when you have finished a series, what is left? Nothing. Cause there are no more episodes left. If it’s a show that is completely done, it’s kind of depressing to think about. But for a show like House of Cards, I have to wait a whole year. But I know it’s coming and I know the anticipation will be worth it.

I am currently in the middle of Damages. I hope to finish The Game of Thrones and The West Wing and start The Sopranos, The Wire and Breaking Bad soon-ish.

Who needs sleep, right?

What other shows should add to my to-do list?

(Infographic from Survey Monkey)

World Cup Season


Summer 2014 basically officially starts with the World Cup. Football tournaments have always been a big deal for me. Growing up in England, (foot)ball is life. Society truly does not function for the month that the World Cup or Euro tournaments are happening. I remember collecting and trading shiny football stickers during WC98 (Allez les Blues!!!). I remember watching the first half of games at home, then my dad dropping us off at school during half time and watching the 2nd half with the rest of our elementary school before starting the school day. Since moving to America, I don’t think I have experienced something where the entire country shuts down for hours during the work week. Not even for the Olympics. I miss the collaborative patriotic spirit that exists in Europe- I am fortunate enough to be from a culture that somewhat has the spirit (I’ve never watched footie in Nigeria). Being in Texas, surrounded by a lot of diversity, I kind of feel that same spirit from Hispanic cultures that also love futbol.

My education in PR, that brushes shoulders with the worlds of marketing and advertising has given me a different perspective of looking at the World Cup. I have been looking at all the ad campaigns and been paying attention to how brands are incorporating this World Cup into their own culture.

My favorite ad has to be “The Game Before the Game” from BeatsbyDre.

They are probably the only brand that could bring together different athletes and celebrities from so many different genres of pop culture. The sports brands kind of disappointed me this time around. I think this Nike ad looks weird. The Adidas with David Beckham was cute, but not epic (we love epic commercials though).

If you know me, you know that I cannot live without Twitter. I love what they are doing this World Cup. They have hashflags- once you type the hashtag of a country that is in the World Cup, the flag emoji pops up (I believe it is broken for iPhone right now. Hopefully they’ll fix it soon). Basically, countries that don’t have their own flag emojis have one now ( for example #eng spits out the English flag, not the Union Jack). You can also follow each country’s hashtag with real time game scores, get a better view of the influencers that are talking about the team and follow all the players on the team. With the hashtag #worldcup I think Twitter will do a really good job of aggregating all your World Cup social media needs. And this is how your home screen will look during games.


I really wish I were watching the BBC’s coverage- Thierry Henry, Gary Lineker and Rio Ferdinand are on the roster. At the very least, I wish beIN were showing it in the US so Ray Hudson can use his glorious gift of gab to describe the amazing-ness that the World Cup is expected to be.

Who knew Ray was also a hockey fan… wait, what?

Nate Silver, who has correctly predicted the last two presidential elections recently left the New York Times for ESPN, where he was able to start his own news org. I have been waiting all year for his statistical expertise- I don’t really understand all the numbers behind what he does, but at this point, his numbers are something that people should pay attention to. In his World Cup predictions, he has Brazil having a 45% chance of winning, followed by Argentina (13%), Germany (11%), and Spain (8%). Which is interesting, because I feel like I have been asleep on Germany. But as much as we love to bet and predict what might happen, you just never know who might decided to show up come kick-off. With that being said, I refuse to predict who is gonna win.

Who to root for??
There are obviously three countries that have a place in my heart. How can I not root for all three of them?!

Super Eagles: the country of my forefathers. The champions of Africa. During friendliest this past week, Nigeria were certainly not playing like champions. If they get it together I think that they have the potential to make it out of group stage. At the very least. It’s doable. (My dad hates their kits. They are not the right shade of green (Does Glo Mobile sponsor the Nigerian team? smh))



Do it for the Queen: England. Where do I even start. There is always a little hope that England can mess around and actually win this thing. The chances of that happening are SLIM. For England being the place that people look to as an example of footie, they need to get it together and show the world that they can keep up with the likes of Brazil and Spain ( I lol-ed while writing this sentence).

USA USA USA USA USA USA USA: So after this post I promise not to be negative about the USMNT for the rest of the World Cup. First of all, I cannot deal with the away Nike jerseys. Second, can y’all please stop crying over Landon Donovan. Third, the footie fans in America want so hard to be football hooligans. It’s not going to happen. I think that overall, the US has a really good team. I personally don’t think that they can make it out of group stage. Beating Portugal, Germany, and Ghana…. Even Jurgen needs everyone to be realistic. Good luck though. I will be waving my Star-Spangled Banner none the less.

There are so many other things I could talk about. The FIFA bribing scandal in Qatar (only $5 million)… The stadiums in Brazil not being done on time. The protests in Brazil that have been going on because of all of the glamorous celebrations that are about to go on in the midst of a society of poverty, inequality and probably some more corruption. The epic amount of human trafficking going around the World Cup (like every major sporting event). Subway employees going on strike a day before the first game in Rio… the list is endless, but darling I don’t have all day.

Well, this post has gone on long enough. So sit back. Make sure you ESPN watch app has been updated. Charge your devices. Turn on your TV. Pop a Coroner, a Fosters, a Bud, a Stella, a Heineken whatever you drink of choice is. And let the games begin.

I never want to be Olivia Pope


If you know me, you know that I LOVE Scandal. What’s not to love. Shonda Rimes is a genius. Kerry Washington is ***Flawless. And a lot of the actors I recognize from The West Wing. Shonda is basically Aaron Sorkin reincarnated. My dream job in politics would be to work in the West Wing doing social media under Toby Zeilger’s communications team. Anyway…

There was a time that I would tell people that I wanted to go into public relations at the government level and people would ask, “So you want to be the next Olivia Pope?”


I don’t want to be Olivia. If you want to go into PR or crisis communications after watching a couple of episodes of Scandal, then excuse me as I give you some side-eye.

Why would I want to be Olivia? She is a weak character, which is something that I need to take up with Shonda. Pope has worked her way up to be come one of the most powerful “fixers” in the nation’s capital. World leaders have her on speed dial. She got a president elected. There are few people in the world that can say that. But she let one moment of weakness take over her decision making skills and in that moment jeopardized her career, and her life. She saw someone being mean to the love of her life, and she let herself feel sorry for him. And from that moment on, she continued to make bad decisions.

Liv tells her staff that she relies on her gut. All her decisions that she makes come from her gut and her gut is always right. Except when it comes to Fitz. Then she is entangled in Fitz drama, daddy drama, and momma drama. And her gut is broken. She throws her staff under the bus, and they are supposed to be the people who trust her unconditionally.

That analysis may be a little harsh, but she was a strong, powerful woman before she fell into her doomed relationship with Fitz. Girl. He is married. He is the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Can you not? But one of my favorite scenes from the show was Fitz monologue to Liv in the Rose Garden (I cried).

Now I know that this is a drama. That is why we watch TV- to give us a couple of ours to escape from the daily stresses life throws at us. There is something that keeps us glued to our TVs every week. Apart from Olivia’s character flaws, there are also many other ethical dilemmas that Scandal introduces us to. We can only hope that this isn’t how politics actually happens.

Things I DO love about Scandal.

1. Huck– The definition of a ride-or-die. Huck’s life was ruined by the American government, and he thinks that Olivia saved it. As Huck’s character has developed, it seems that Liv has taken advantage of their relationship. But Huck was really about to pull out Quinn’s teeth. THAT’S WHAT YOU GET!!!



2. Beautiful men– Harrison. Fitz. Jake. *swoons*

President Fitzgerald Grant, played by Tony Goldwyn

President Fitzgerald Grant, played by Tony Goldwyn

Captain Jake Ballard, played by Scott Foley

Captain Jake Ballard, played by Scott Foley

Harrison Wright, played by Columbus Short

Harrison Wright, played by Columbus Short

3. Mellie-  Another ride-or-die. Fitz cannot even begin to understand all that Mellie has done for him. The rape scene in the fall was difficult to watch, and some argued that it was not necessary to the story line. I read an article that said making a female character a rape-victim is a cheap way for her to get sympathy from an audience (I don’t remember where I read this, but I definitely do not agree with that one).

4. This is why I love Cyrus.

5. Liv’s physical appearance– Kerry Washington is gorgeous. It truly is refreshing to see someone that looks like me on primetime TV.  (Side note: I am happy that they are not writing Kerry Washington’s pregnancy into the show cause that would have been a hot mess). What kind of hair do they use on her? And no matter what shenanigans Liv gets into, her hair is ALWAYS laid. That is not real life. And Liv’s wardrobe is just perfection.

Liv’s character is based off of the career of Judy Smith, a real-life crisis manger. She was a deputy press secretary for H.W. Bush, advised Monica Lewinsky, and was the senior VP of communications at NBC. Her resume is impressive.

Anyway. At 10/9c I’ll be tuning in with everyone else to catch the midseason premiere of Scandal. I love how Scandal has become a social experience. Half of the fun of watching Scandal is live-tweeting.

In 20 years, hip-hop (and hopefully the rest of the world) won’t care about Macklemore


Tonight are the Grammy’s and I love a good award show. Recently I think that awards shows in all categories haven’t really been representative of how people really feel about music, or movies and TV shows, but that’s another story.

This year Macklemore and Ryan Lewis are nominated in a billion different categories. To be honest, I had never heard of any of his music before Thrift Shop came out. A couple of years ago I think one of my friends recommended a dope, white rapper from Seattle with serious flow, but I wasn’t really interested. When Thrift Shop came out, did really like the song, because the production is awesome, and it speaks to so many cool kids like myself who indulge in the luxuries of thrift shopping. Can’t Hold Us is a great because Ray Dalton can slay. And this new one where the chorus talks about Cadillacs is cool too.

I am treading lightly, but I don’t think that Same Love comes from a genuine place. Whenever Macklemore speaks on socially conscious issues, I don’t think he is coming from a genuine place. 

Issue number two: Macklemore is a pop star so the music industry should treat him accordingly. Where in the world is the Macklemore’s music classified as hip hop music? He is not the new face of hip hop. He IS a rapper, however, just because you rap does not make you a hip hop artist. If that were the case Jason Derulo and Flo Rida would be getting Urban radio play (which they are not. Because they make pop music. Like Macklemore). 

So I get why he is nominated for Best Rap album. Mackelmore has a sick flow, and whenever I see him perform on TV, he is so hype, and I respect that. But there were other rap albums that could have taken his spot. I personally didn’t enjoy Born Sinner, but it was a better rap album than The Heist. Arguably, Born Sinner was a better rap album than Yeezus and Magna Carta, but I just don’t appreciate J. Cole, and neither does the Grammy nominating committee. 

With that being said:

  • Pharell is performing tonight, and hopefully he does Happy, the best song in the world. 
  • Blurred Lines need to win something (Record of the Year) just because we’ve heard it so many damn times. 
  • TSwift or Macklemore will probably win Album of the Year (sorry Kendrick).
  • I want Bruno Mars to win Song of the Year, but switch out Locked out of Heaven with If I Was Your Man
  • Give Me a Reason the best Pop duet that has happened in the last decade, and P!nk and Nate Ruess are going to slay that performance.
  • The Urban Contemporary Album is very interesting. Unapologetic is a pop album and I am surprised to see New York: A Love Story from Mack Wilds (decent album) there. 
  • I want Kendrick to prosper at the Grammy’s this year. He has to.
  • Kanye is going to be upset when he doesn’t win anything, So I hope he is prepared for that. 
  • Taylor Swift is going to win all the country awards. She is another one- a pop start stuck in the wrong musical category

I think those are all of my complaints. As usual, I’ll be following along with my friends on the twitter


Award show season: Hollywood in not so much color


The Golden Globes marks the beginning of the 2014 award show season. Who doesn’t like taking a Sunday night to watch your favorite actors and actresses looking prettier than usual and fighting with your friends (via Twitter) over your favorite television shows and movies?

First of all, Amy Pohler and Tina Fey are currently the best comedic duo on TV. That’s all. And Tina Fey is FLAWLESS.  Their opening monologue wasn’t that funny, but we approve.

In 2013, I didn’t really see that many movies. After watching last night here’s my list of stuff to watch:
12 Year’s a Slave
Dallas Buyer’s Club
Wolf of Wall Street
Her (I am very skeptical of this “love story.” A loner falls in love with his computer. I know it’s Scarlet Johansen’s voice, but come on.)
August: Osage County (even though it didn’t win anything)
The Butler (I know it wasn’t nominated for Golden Globes, but maybe Oprah will be nominated for an Oscar? It seems like the past few years the Golden Globe nominees and winners haven’t correlated well with each other, so there is hope for The Butler).

There was a lot of color at the Golden Globes this year. Lupita N’yongo, Barkhad Abdi, Don Cheadle, Steve McQueen, Kerry Washington were all nominated. Idris Elba *swoon* and Chiwetel Ejiofor both had two noms for the night. Despite that, only Steve McQueen won. Now, I don’t think that all of them should have won. I love Kerry, but Robin Wright killed in House of Cards. Having movies and TV shows that bring up discussions of race in Hollywood, and race in general can be a good thing. But look at the members of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. And it kind of makes sense. After Hollywood the two largest movie industries in the world are Bollywood (India) and Nollywood (Nigeria). There is only one journalist from India on the HFPA and none from Nigeria (although there are five African journalists). So I guess there is diversity, just not the way I like it.

Last year was good for TV. House of Cards, Masters of Sex and Ray Donovan were shows that I think were great. The only network show that I watched regularly last year and that I still watch is Scandal. The best TV drama category was really tough. I haven’t watched Breaking Bad, but that’s one of my summer 2014 goals. Network dramas suck. Note that most of the nominations in the TV drama category are from cable channels and Netflix. The Best Actor in a TV Drama was really tough too. And Jon Voight deserved the award for Best Supporting Actor in Ray Donovan solely because of his twerking skills.

On the comedy side, but Modern Family and New Girl are funny. I didn’t even know that Andy Samberg had a show on FOX.

In the Mini-Series/Made for TV Movie category, I stan for American Horror Story: Coven. I haven’t watched the first 2 seasons of AHS, but this is a show with strong, powerful, awesome, badass actresses. Behind the Candelabra looks really good and I really want to see it (if I could just pay for a HBO Go account without having to pay for the channel). And again, cable shows won this category. The two Starz shows that were nominated look really good, but I had never heard of them until yesterday. Dancing on the Edge looks great- I trust every project that is backed by the BBC.

Finally, Woody Allen got the Cecile B. Miller Lifetime Achievement Award. Woody wasn’t there because apparently he’s too good to go to award shows. I noticed that a lot of people, including Ronan and Mia Farrow brought up this Vanity Fair article. Now. Does the questionable life choices that Woodie Allen has made negate his greatness as a movie director? I am not enough of a movie buff to appreciate great directing, and even if I was, I don’t think that I’m old enough to appreciate most of Allen’s work. So that’s the only question I have about that.

The Grammy and the Oscars are coming up. So there is lots of TV, movies, and special events to distract me from work this semester. Joy.

A long walk to the movies….


I cannot remember the last time my father said that he wanted to actually go and watch a movie in the theaters. Well it happened, and this past week I found myself looking up the times to go and see Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom in our local movie theaters.

When I heard that this movie was going to be made, I was very skeptical about the project, and did not intend on seeing it. Jennifer Hudson and Terrence Howard did a movie about Winnie Mandela that came out this year, but I’m pretty sure that went straight to DVD. Yes, Terrance Howard, green-eyed, caramel-colored Terrence Howard was cast as Nelson Mandela. Oh. Is it that hard to make a movie about well-known people with actors that actually look like them? Don’t get me wrong, I love Idris Elba, but there are no up-and-coming South African actors that could slay the role of the late and great Nelson Mandela? But I digress….

My entire family has never gone out to see a movie. It’s just not something that we do. We all have different tastes, and my parents barely have the patience for crap TV, let alone a 2 ½ hour movie. So I was on handy-dandy Google machine looking up times for sometime on Saturday. There are 3 movie theatres within 10 minutes of my house. The AMC wasn’t even showing it. The Cinemark was only had a 10pm time. And the Carmike, also known as the Rave, only had an 11am time.

So let me get this straight. A critically acclaimed movie, that was released 10 days ago, backed by a major movie production company, nominated for multiple Golden Globes, that looks like it will be nominated for Oscars, is not showing with regularity at the two movie theatres in Denton and the only one in Highland Village. Anchorman 2 was hyped up for months and flopped, has been about for over a month, but has 7 showings in one day. Justin Bieber: Believe mega-flopped but y’all want to show it three times in one day. But a critically acclaimed Oscar-buzzing movie has one showing on a Saturday and probably won’t be showing in a couple of weeks. Oh.

Now, who do I complain to? Should I write to the Weinstein brothers? Should I write to my local movie theatres for not showing a movie that I want to see when I want to see it? Should I write to the corporate offices of AMC, Cinemark and Carmike? Should I complain to the various citizens of Denton and ask them why they don’t want to see a movie about Nelson Mandela?  Or should I just suck it up and drive to Grapevine, or Plano, or Frisco, where they have multiple showings of the movie?

Until then, I’ll probably end up waiting until the movie comes out on DVD. That will be way after Idris Elba wins the Oscar for Best Actor…

Have y’all seen the movie? Did you like it? Is it worth me driving out 30 extra miles to enjoy it in a movie theatre environment?

Is this thing on?


2013 was quite the year. Alot of downs. Some ups. But the great thing about a new year is that one can start over, cliche as that may seem.

It’s been awhile since I have made new year’s resolutions. I’ve stopped lying to myself and pretending like it’s something that I plan on continuing for an entire year. That is not what this is. In 2014, I want to start something for myself. If you know me, you know that I talk a lot. And if you follow me on twitter, you can see that I have translated (some) of my thoughts into 140 characters. But all that goes on in my head can not be contained. So one of many goals for myself if to start blogging regularly.

There is not an actual direction that I have for my blog. As I’ve gotten older, the saying “life happens” has become a motto. I want to talk about life as it happens. I am passionate about the learning new things. I ask a lot of questions. Sometimes I’ll seek to find an answer to my questions. But does every question have an answer?  Let’s find out.

I would love feedback from my friends, family, and whoever else finds themselves reading my words. Comment below, shoot me a FB message or tweet me!

Here’s to many more blog posts, and a successful 2014 🙂