101 Things in 1001 Days

101 Things in 1001 Days

I have various blogs I look at while in class whenever I browse the internet, and Mackenzie Horan of Design Darling is one of them (P.S. I love this print from her boutique). I am taking a cue from one of her posts and creating my own list of 101 things that I would like to accomplish in 1001 days, or about 2.75 years.  I like the idea of creating a to-do list like this because these goals are specific and measurable, but flexible enough actually put some effort in the tasks. There is no method to this list, so alot of these things are really random. But I think I have come up with a pretty reasonable list. So here goes nothing!

Start date: February, 2014

End date: November 12, 2016

    1. come up with 101 things.
    2. read Chimamanda Adichie’s bibliography (Purple Hibiscus, Half of a Yellow Sun, That Thing Around Your Neck, Americanah)
    3. read Malcom Gladwell’s bibliography (The Tipping Point, Blink, Outliers, What the Dog Saw)
    4. run three 5ks
    5. run a half marathon
    6. completely clean out my room
    7. get my name on the Frenchy’s truck
    8. go beer-tasting
    9. go wine-tasting
    10. learn how to swim
    11. learn how to ride a bike
    12. explore five new states (South Carolina) (Georgia- CNN HQ in Atlanta)
    13. visit a new country by myself
    14. watch The Sopranos
    15. watch The Wire
    16. watch Breaking Bad
    17. go to a professional MLB game (go Rangers?)
    18. attend a tech conference
    19. attend a professional conference (PRSSA Red River Regional Conference, PRSSA National Assembly)
    20. go to a music festival
    21. go #teamiPhone- not gonna happen. Forever #teamAndroid. I got the new Samsung Galaxy Dec. 2015. And I love it
    22. get tablet
    23. save up for a Macbook
    24. learn how to use Photoshop
    25. take a photography class
    26. organize my Twitter followings into lists
    27. write a Buzzfeed community post
    28. learn how to make a gif
    29. go on a field trip to Marfa, TX
    30. spend a NYE outside watching fireworks
    31. go to New York City (The Met)!!
    32. go on a field trip with my friends
    33. clear out my Twitter favorites
    34. read all of the articles that I have saved on my reading list/bookmarks/favorites
    35. read the ENTIRE Bible, front to back
    36. read a sacred text from another religion
    37. find a daily devotional and stick to it for 3 months
    38. go skydiving
    39. watch 10 TED talks
    40. go for a run/walk in the morning three times a week, for a month
    41. go six months without drinking soda
    42. visit Reunion Tower in downtown Dallas
    43. go on a Groupon date with a bunch of friends
    44. organize my iTunes
    45. invest in a classy handbag
    46. invest in a classy pair of heels
    47. give a regular offering in church for 12 months
    48. find a local charity to give a Christmas donation to
    49. go an entire week without electronics in my bed
    50. fall in love
    51. visit five museums (The Met, American Museum of Natural History)
    52. create posters of my five favorite quotes
    53. obtain a DSLR camera
    54. write a blog post every day for one month
    55. go one week without eating meat
    56. pay for someone else’s drink behind me at Starbucks
    57. see the Pacific Ocean
    58. learn basic Spanish
    59. watch 10 foreign language films
    60. wear a skirt/dress everyday for one week
    61. go an entire semester without wearing sweatpants/running shorts during the day  (including finals week)- lol this didn’t happen. I’m done with school and for some reason leggings aren’t business casual/professional
    62. read 10 classic works of American/British literature
    63. watch all of the movies that won Best Picture for the past 10 years
    64. go an entire month planning my outfits the night before
    65. obtain my undergraduate degree
    66. visit a famous national landmark (Lincoln Memorial, WWII Memorial)
  1. for one month, go to the gym three days a week
  2. complete a 2000+ piece jigsaw puzzle
  3. go one month without eating fast food
  4. read five biographies (Ruffles and Flourishes)
  5. write a blog post for 20 of the goals that I have completed
  6. tip someone 100% of my bill
  7. pay the tab of a family dinner
  8. floss daily for a month
  9. go to a performance of Handle’s Messiah
  10. get my own apartment
  11. take my mummy to get a mani/pedi
  12. write 50 handwritten letters
  13. go to a concert (non-classical) (Miguel!!!)
  14. go to a performance (opera/orchestra/ballet)
  15. go one week without cursing
  16. create a graphic for my list
  17. participate in a protest
  18. visit a dermatologist
  19. make a video blog
  20. back up my laptop
  21. go on a picnic
  22. read one Tolstoy book
  23. get legit business cards
  24. create a poster of the Beatitudes (Matthew 5:3-12)
  25. get a wall map of the world
  26. listen to 10 jazz albums
  27. listen to five old-school (pre-1995) rap albums
  28. listen to one EDM album (ugh)
  29. listen to 5 country albums
  30. play my viola twice a week for one month
  31. make a 2000s playlist (and share it!)
  32. get published
  33. work on a collaborative post with another blogger
  34. Inspire someone else to come up with a list of their own.
  35. Put $5 into savings for each task completed.