Thank God for Shonda

UNTJ4250- Race, gender and media

Variety Magazine announced the news of a new Shonda Rhimes produced ABC show with this tweet.

And the queen of ShondaLand replied by saying…

That’s a great question. Shonda Rhimes is known for creating strong female characters- Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal and How to Get Away with Murder. Scandal is about a D.C. fixer. Grey’s Anatomy centers around the life of a doctor. And How to Get Away With Murder is about with a lawyer. These are all complex characters with storylines that are sometimes out of this world, but none of these professions speak to a specific gender or even a specific race.

Rhimes has written storylines about many things, including race and sexuality, but to me it does not feel like any of the characters in her shows are centered around their gender or their race. This says to me that when thinking of diversity in any situation, diversity should not be forced. Talent is something that is natural, and if it just so happens that you have created an environment with a diverse group of people organically, then every one wins.

Also important to note- only three women of color have won the Screen Actor’s Guild Award (peer-voted) for best actress in a drama series, and they all come from ShondaLand!



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