Political Influencers?

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When the White House announced that three popular YouTubers would interview the President after the State of the Union, people were skeptical.

It is an honor to interview the president, right? Hank Green, now he can ask some questions about science-y stuff- space exploration, maybe climate change. Bethany Mota, beauty and lifestyle blogger- um she could ask about Michelle and the girls? And GloZell– she wears green lipstick and bathes in cereal, what could she possibly ask the president of the United States?

Before you question why the White House would want to do interviews with some YouTubers, ask yourself, why not?

At the end of the day, each of these YouTube “content creators” have millions of followers and millions of people watching them. At a time when people are not really watching television, and young people don’t even have TVs and get their information and entertainment online, it makes sense why the President would want to reach out to outlets have millions of people watch.

It has certainly been interesting to watch how this administration has embraced the changing tech landscape and that was definitely seen in the enhanced State of the Union. As social media continues to change the way we look at things, it is definitely going to be interesting to see how different politicians use the power of social media to get there message out to as many people as possible in the changing media landscape.

Brands are looking for new ways to reach different audiences, and it looks like bloggers are the way to go.  And when you have people who reach millions of people around the world vlogging, why no have them interview the president?

As we approach a new political season, it will be interesting to see not only how politicians brand themselves, but how they use that brand to reach different audiences.


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