Shout out to the 14th Amendment


All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to jurisdiction thereof, are citizens on the United States and of the State wherein they reside.”

My favorite amendment is the 14th (is that weird?)

For me, the 14th amendment is everything the American Dream is all about. It doesn’t take a lot to be an American- all you have to do is be born here or be naturalized, and you are considered “one of us.” There are few places in the world where it is this easy.

While I was looking for my pocket constitution, I came across The Citizen’s Almanac, which is literature they give you when you become a citizen. The beginning has a message from the director of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services.

Naturalized citizens are in important part of our great democracy, bringing a wealth of talent, ability and character to this Nation…Upon taking [the] Oath of Allegiance, you claimed for yourself the God-given unalienable rights that the Declaration of Independence sets forth as a natural right to all people. You also made a commitment to this country and and were therefore awarded its highest privilege- U.S. citizenship; but with great responsibility accompanies this privilege. You have now certain rights that you must exercise in order to maintain our system on government. By becoming and active and participatory citizen, your further strengthen the foundation of our Nation.” 

Every 4th, it seems like pessimists have something negative to say about the ideals of this country and what it has/is becoming. But to those folks, I literally cannot hear you over my freedom. Enjoy your food, the beautiful summer time, the day off from work and the fireworks.

This holiday weekend, they showed the swearing-in ceremony of 25 new citizens at the White House. I am very jealous that I became a citizen on a boring weekday in September. How awesome would it be to tell your grand kids the story of your naturalization at a great American landmark on the 4th of July. There have been naturalization ceremonies at the Alamo, at Turner Field (the home of the Atlanta Braves, not really historic, but definitely cool), or at Monticello, T-Jeff’s crib. Look at the list of places where they had ceremonies this year. And shout out to USCIS for the official hashtag #newUScitizen. We love your use of social media.



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