The Binge Life


I am the queen of binge-reading. After watching the first Hunger Games movie out of boredom one day, I borrowed by little brother’s copy of the books and was done in two days. That might be due to the fact that its written for kids. But I’ve always treated books this way.

Netflix and other venues of watching an entire season of television in one day. And from there has come the phenomenon of binge-watching. I have become a victim to this terrible disease. I have my favorite shows that I watch every week during the regular TV season. But there are some shows that  are before my time (The Wire, The Sopranos) and there are some shows that I didn’t hop on the fad train with everyone else. So when the season or series is over, I can take my time (or not) and get through the entire show and laugh and gasp and cry from the comfort of my own bed. And when the show is finished, life has no purpose…

I had originally planned on writing this post about the second season of Orange is the New Black. I started watching the first season last year, but I couldn’t finish it (and I didn’t think its’s that funny), so the post didn’t feel right. Then this week I stated The Game of Thrones, and it was a wrap (I plan on binge-reading the books at a later date).

But there is something about binge-watching that leaves me anxious. I feel like I NEED to finish watching a show that I have just started. There is something satisfying about knowing that I do not have to wait a week for the next episode. I mean, Netflix sets up the next episode for you as the credits are rolling on the episode you just watched. Thanks guys.

Binge-watching definitely isn’t healthy. Staying up all day and all night to finish a season of a show is exhausting. But when you have finished one season, it feels like a weight has been lifted off of your shoulders. Binge-watching satisfies my need for instant gratification- everything I want is all in one place and I can consume it all at once without anything- commercials, mid-season breaks, etc. getting in the way of what I want. But when you have finished a series, what is left? Nothing. Cause there are no more episodes left. If it’s a show that is completely done, it’s kind of depressing to think about. But for a show like House of Cards, I have to wait a whole year. But I know it’s coming and I know the anticipation will be worth it.

I am currently in the middle of Damages. I hope to finish The Game of Thrones and The West Wing and start The Sopranos, The Wire and Breaking Bad soon-ish.

Who needs sleep, right?

What other shows should add to my to-do list?

(Infographic from Survey Monkey)


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