I never want to be Olivia Pope


If you know me, you know that I LOVE Scandal. What’s not to love. Shonda Rimes is a genius. Kerry Washington is ***Flawless. And a lot of the actors I recognize from The West Wing. Shonda is basically Aaron Sorkin reincarnated. My dream job in politics would be to work in the West Wing doing social media under Toby Zeilger’s communications team. Anyway…

There was a time that I would tell people that I wanted to go into public relations at the government level and people would ask, “So you want to be the next Olivia Pope?”


I don’t want to be Olivia. If you want to go into PR or crisis communications after watching a couple of episodes of Scandal, then excuse me as I give you some side-eye.

Why would I want to be Olivia? She is a weak character, which is something that I need to take up with Shonda. Pope has worked her way up to be come one of the most powerful “fixers” in the nation’s capital. World leaders have her on speed dial. She got a president elected. There are few people in the world that can say that. But she let one moment of weakness take over her decision making skills and in that moment jeopardized her career, and her life. She saw someone being mean to the love of her life, and she let herself feel sorry for him. And from that moment on, she continued to make bad decisions.

Liv tells her staff that she relies on her gut. All her decisions that she makes come from her gut and her gut is always right. Except when it comes to Fitz. Then she is entangled in Fitz drama, daddy drama, and momma drama. And her gut is broken. She throws her staff under the bus, and they are supposed to be the people who trust her unconditionally.

That analysis may be a little harsh, but she was a strong, powerful woman before she fell into her doomed relationship with Fitz. Girl. He is married. He is the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Can you not? But one of my favorite scenes from the show was Fitz monologue to Liv in the Rose Garden (I cried).

Now I know that this is a drama. That is why we watch TV- to give us a couple of ours to escape from the daily stresses life throws at us. There is something that keeps us glued to our TVs every week. Apart from Olivia’s character flaws, there are also many other ethical dilemmas that Scandal introduces us to. We can only hope that this isn’t how politics actually happens.

Things I DO love about Scandal.

1. Huck– The definition of a ride-or-die. Huck’s life was ruined by the American government, and he thinks that Olivia saved it. As Huck’s character has developed, it seems that Liv has taken advantage of their relationship. But Huck was really about to pull out Quinn’s teeth. THAT’S WHAT YOU GET!!!



2. Beautiful men– Harrison. Fitz. Jake. *swoons*

President Fitzgerald Grant, played by Tony Goldwyn

President Fitzgerald Grant, played by Tony Goldwyn

Captain Jake Ballard, played by Scott Foley

Captain Jake Ballard, played by Scott Foley

Harrison Wright, played by Columbus Short

Harrison Wright, played by Columbus Short

3. Mellie-  Another ride-or-die. Fitz cannot even begin to understand all that Mellie has done for him. The rape scene in the fall was difficult to watch, and some argued that it was not necessary to the story line. I read an article that said making a female character a rape-victim is a cheap way for her to get sympathy from an audience (I don’t remember where I read this, but I definitely do not agree with that one).

4. This is why I love Cyrus.

5. Liv’s physical appearance– Kerry Washington is gorgeous. It truly is refreshing to see someone that looks like me on primetime TV.  (Side note: I am happy that they are not writing Kerry Washington’s pregnancy into the show cause that would have been a hot mess). What kind of hair do they use on her? And no matter what shenanigans Liv gets into, her hair is ALWAYS laid. That is not real life. And Liv’s wardrobe is just perfection.

Liv’s character is based off of the career of Judy Smith, a real-life crisis manger. She was a deputy press secretary for H.W. Bush, advised Monica Lewinsky, and was the senior VP of communications at NBC. Her resume is impressive.

Anyway. At 10/9c I’ll be tuning in with everyone else to catch the midseason premiere of Scandal. I love how Scandal has become a social experience. Half of the fun of watching Scandal is live-tweeting.


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