In 20 years, hip-hop (and hopefully the rest of the world) won’t care about Macklemore


Tonight are the Grammy’s and I love a good award show. Recently I think that awards shows in all categories haven’t really been representative of how people really feel about music, or movies and TV shows, but that’s another story.

This year Macklemore and Ryan Lewis are nominated in a billion different categories. To be honest, I had never heard of any of his music before Thrift Shop came out. A couple of years ago I think one of my friends recommended a dope, white rapper from Seattle with serious flow, but I wasn’t really interested. When Thrift Shop came out, did really like the song, because the production is awesome, and it speaks to so many cool kids like myself who indulge in the luxuries of thrift shopping. Can’t Hold Us is a great because Ray Dalton can slay. And this new one where the chorus talks about Cadillacs is cool too.

I am treading lightly, but I don’t think that Same Love comes from a genuine place. Whenever Macklemore speaks on socially conscious issues, I don’t think he is coming from a genuine place. 

Issue number two: Macklemore is a pop star so the music industry should treat him accordingly. Where in the world is the Macklemore’s music classified as hip hop music? He is not the new face of hip hop. He IS a rapper, however, just because you rap does not make you a hip hop artist. If that were the case Jason Derulo and Flo Rida would be getting Urban radio play (which they are not. Because they make pop music. Like Macklemore). 

So I get why he is nominated for Best Rap album. Mackelmore has a sick flow, and whenever I see him perform on TV, he is so hype, and I respect that. But there were other rap albums that could have taken his spot. I personally didn’t enjoy Born Sinner, but it was a better rap album than The Heist. Arguably, Born Sinner was a better rap album than Yeezus and Magna Carta, but I just don’t appreciate J. Cole, and neither does the Grammy nominating committee. 

With that being said:

  • Pharell is performing tonight, and hopefully he does Happy, the best song in the world. 
  • Blurred Lines need to win something (Record of the Year) just because we’ve heard it so many damn times. 
  • TSwift or Macklemore will probably win Album of the Year (sorry Kendrick).
  • I want Bruno Mars to win Song of the Year, but switch out Locked out of Heaven with If I Was Your Man
  • Give Me a Reason the best Pop duet that has happened in the last decade, and P!nk and Nate Ruess are going to slay that performance.
  • The Urban Contemporary Album is very interesting. Unapologetic is a pop album and I am surprised to see New York: A Love Story from Mack Wilds (decent album) there. 
  • I want Kendrick to prosper at the Grammy’s this year. He has to.
  • Kanye is going to be upset when he doesn’t win anything, So I hope he is prepared for that. 
  • Taylor Swift is going to win all the country awards. She is another one- a pop start stuck in the wrong musical category

I think those are all of my complaints. As usual, I’ll be following along with my friends on the twitter



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