Award show season: Hollywood in not so much color


The Golden Globes marks the beginning of the 2014 award show season. Who doesn’t like taking a Sunday night to watch your favorite actors and actresses looking prettier than usual and fighting with your friends (via Twitter) over your favorite television shows and movies?

First of all, Amy Pohler and Tina Fey are currently the best comedic duo on TV. That’s all. And Tina Fey is FLAWLESS.  Their opening monologue wasn’t that funny, but we approve.

In 2013, I didn’t really see that many movies. After watching last night here’s my list of stuff to watch:
12 Year’s a Slave
Dallas Buyer’s Club
Wolf of Wall Street
Her (I am very skeptical of this “love story.” A loner falls in love with his computer. I know it’s Scarlet Johansen’s voice, but come on.)
August: Osage County (even though it didn’t win anything)
The Butler (I know it wasn’t nominated for Golden Globes, but maybe Oprah will be nominated for an Oscar? It seems like the past few years the Golden Globe nominees and winners haven’t correlated well with each other, so there is hope for The Butler).

There was a lot of color at the Golden Globes this year. Lupita N’yongo, Barkhad Abdi, Don Cheadle, Steve McQueen, Kerry Washington were all nominated. Idris Elba *swoon* and Chiwetel Ejiofor both had two noms for the night. Despite that, only Steve McQueen won. Now, I don’t think that all of them should have won. I love Kerry, but Robin Wright killed in House of Cards. Having movies and TV shows that bring up discussions of race in Hollywood, and race in general can be a good thing. But look at the members of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. And it kind of makes sense. After Hollywood the two largest movie industries in the world are Bollywood (India) and Nollywood (Nigeria). There is only one journalist from India on the HFPA and none from Nigeria (although there are five African journalists). So I guess there is diversity, just not the way I like it.

Last year was good for TV. House of Cards, Masters of Sex and Ray Donovan were shows that I think were great. The only network show that I watched regularly last year and that I still watch is Scandal. The best TV drama category was really tough. I haven’t watched Breaking Bad, but that’s one of my summer 2014 goals. Network dramas suck. Note that most of the nominations in the TV drama category are from cable channels and Netflix. The Best Actor in a TV Drama was really tough too. And Jon Voight deserved the award for Best Supporting Actor in Ray Donovan solely because of his twerking skills.

On the comedy side, but Modern Family and New Girl are funny. I didn’t even know that Andy Samberg had a show on FOX.

In the Mini-Series/Made for TV Movie category, I stan for American Horror Story: Coven. I haven’t watched the first 2 seasons of AHS, but this is a show with strong, powerful, awesome, badass actresses. Behind the Candelabra looks really good and I really want to see it (if I could just pay for a HBO Go account without having to pay for the channel). And again, cable shows won this category. The two Starz shows that were nominated look really good, but I had never heard of them until yesterday. Dancing on the Edge looks great- I trust every project that is backed by the BBC.

Finally, Woody Allen got the Cecile B. Miller Lifetime Achievement Award. Woody wasn’t there because apparently he’s too good to go to award shows. I noticed that a lot of people, including Ronan and Mia Farrow brought up this Vanity Fair article. Now. Does the questionable life choices that Woodie Allen has made negate his greatness as a movie director? I am not enough of a movie buff to appreciate great directing, and even if I was, I don’t think that I’m old enough to appreciate most of Allen’s work. So that’s the only question I have about that.

The Grammy and the Oscars are coming up. So there is lots of TV, movies, and special events to distract me from work this semester. Joy.


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