A long walk to the movies….


I cannot remember the last time my father said that he wanted to actually go and watch a movie in the theaters. Well it happened, and this past week I found myself looking up the times to go and see Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom in our local movie theaters.

When I heard that this movie was going to be made, I was very skeptical about the project, and did not intend on seeing it. Jennifer Hudson and Terrence Howard did a movie about Winnie Mandela that came out this year, but I’m pretty sure that went straight to DVD. Yes, Terrance Howard, green-eyed, caramel-colored Terrence Howard was cast as Nelson Mandela. Oh. Is it that hard to make a movie about well-known people with actors that actually look like them? Don’t get me wrong, I love Idris Elba, but there are no up-and-coming South African actors that could slay the role of the late and great Nelson Mandela? But I digress….

My entire family has never gone out to see a movie. It’s just not something that we do. We all have different tastes, and my parents barely have the patience for crap TV, let alone a 2 ½ hour movie. So I was on handy-dandy Google machine looking up times for sometime on Saturday. There are 3 movie theatres within 10 minutes of my house. The AMC wasn’t even showing it. The Cinemark was only had a 10pm time. And the Carmike, also known as the Rave, only had an 11am time.

So let me get this straight. A critically acclaimed movie, that was released 10 days ago, backed by a major movie production company, nominated for multiple Golden Globes, that looks like it will be nominated for Oscars, is not showing with regularity at the two movie theatres in Denton and the only one in Highland Village. Anchorman 2 was hyped up for months and flopped, has been about for over a month, but has 7 showings in one day. Justin Bieber: Believe mega-flopped but y’all want to show it three times in one day. But a critically acclaimed Oscar-buzzing movie has one showing on a Saturday and probably won’t be showing in a couple of weeks. Oh.

Now, who do I complain to? Should I write to the Weinstein brothers? Should I write to my local movie theatres for not showing a movie that I want to see when I want to see it? Should I write to the corporate offices of AMC, Cinemark and Carmike? Should I complain to the various citizens of Denton and ask them why they don’t want to see a movie about Nelson Mandela?  Or should I just suck it up and drive to Grapevine, or Plano, or Frisco, where they have multiple showings of the movie?

Until then, I’ll probably end up waiting until the movie comes out on DVD. That will be way after Idris Elba wins the Oscar for Best Actor…

Have y’all seen the movie? Did you like it? Is it worth me driving out 30 extra miles to enjoy it in a movie theatre environment?


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